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Two Categories of Nursery in Government Primary

There are two categories of nursery in government primary.

Nizamul Haque January 23, 2015

Primary and Mass Education Ministry is planning to introduce ‘Nursery’ class in all government primary schools of the country. This kind of plan has been made to divert the children’s kindergarten garten and all children of 4 years of age are given government primary admission. The concerned officials of the ministry have said that such activities will be started since 2020.

Primary and Mass Education Secretary Akram-Al-Hossain said, before the first class, more two classes will be started. The name of the name and its curriculum has been assigned to the concerned authorities including primary and education departments.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education said that a child will be admitted to primary school at the age of four. He will read a class of nursery. Then in five years, the ‘Child Category’ will be read in the present as pre-primary. Name of child class may also change. Then in the first year of six years will fall.

According to the Directorate of Education, pre-primary classes are available in 34 thousand establishments of the country. There is a separate teacher for pre-primary. One more assistant teacher will be appointed in each school for starting two more categories under the first class. Currently, Tk 5,000 each is allocated for primary education students. This money will be doubled.

Currently the parents want to send their child to school at the age of four. Because the government primary school does not have this arrangement, the guardians admitted her child to kindergarten. Parents will not send their children to Kindergarten if they are admitted at primary school at the age of four years. The ministry of thought that government primary schools will also work well. Government primary schools in Jharkhand have been jammed in many areas due to the kindergarten trade in kindergarten across the country.

Number of government primary schools in Bangladesh is 63 thousand 601. According to the official list, more than 22,000 kindergarten are there. Of these kindergarten, 3 lakh 83 thousand examinees participated in the primary education closing examination. There are thousands of kindergarten gerts which do not have any permissions. Conduct the curriculum accordingly. Doing business in the name of education. The concerned people say, the activities of Kindergarten are not totally regulated.

The Ministry of Primary and Mass Education has formulated the policy in 2011 to bring discipline in country’s kindergarten. These Kindergarten were asked to register. In principle, there are various guidelines for kindergarten campus, providing clean drinking water, toilet system, appointment of permanent experienced teachers, national day observance. Besides, there is a specific policy on permanent and temporary campuses. There is a floor somewhere, and renting somewhere between two to three rooms is going on. Most of them are not experienced teachers. The country’s unmanned books are taught in these schools.

The kindergarten careers are being run by teachers from different colleges of just one thousand 5 to 3 thousand taka. Most of these kindergarten take the form of coaching center in the afternoon.

Government primary school teachers said that the teaching of Kindergarten is unmanned. If this education is not strictly controlled, future child education will have adverse effects.

— Ittefaq

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